January 15, 2016
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Pro-Life Democrats finally have a real choice during this presidential election year with Henry Hewes

WASHINGTON, DC – Henry Hewes won the endorsement of the Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) this week. He is running in the Democratic Party primary as the only candidate in either party who supports the whole life approach needed for the country.

“We believe Hewes is a committed Pro-Life Democrat. Throughout his political life, he has consistently shown a commitment to the life of the prenatal child,” said Janet Robert, the President of Democrats For Life of America.

The Democratic Party keeps moving further away from the voters when it comes to abortion, supporting abortion on demand while voters want to support a better life for women, children, and families. The Democrat’s strategy has alienated voters, and caused the party to lose at the state, local, and national level. Robert sees the Hewes candidacy as an opportunity for real change in the party.

“Henry Hewes is the only presidential candidate who exemplifies the values of inclusion and care for every single person, which we believe are the foundation of the best initiatives of the Democratic Party,” Robert said. “He will support Democrats for Life of America’s mission that pregnant women should never feel coerced by our culture, governmental policy, or the significant others in their lives into seeking abortions.”
Hewes, a New York real estate developer, was at one time a Republican, though he switched parties on 2007 because of his opposition to the Iraq War. Robert said that despite his former party, Hewes has been steadfast in his support for a whole life philosophy. That means he supports Medicare for everyone, nutritionally sound Food Stamps, a decent minimum wage, and an end to capital punishment.  
“Not only do we believe that Henry Hewes’ campaign can have an impact on the important and timely national conversation about pro-life issues, but also we are particularly hopeful that our support will contribute to the dialogue within the Democratic Party, whose future depends on embracing its pro-life members,” she said.

A fully Pro-Life candidate in the Democratic primaries can make a big impact on the course of the race, and the future of the party and the country.

“We hope that Henry Hewes' candidacy will send a clear message to those in the Democratic Party that abortion-on-demand is out of touch with mainstream American values and is inconsistent with the values of our party,” Robert said.

Please visit his website or YouTube Channel to learn more about his candidacy.

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