Middle East

Much of the Middle East is a jigsaw puzzle of conflicting religious states without a democratic, middle class or capitalist culture. The entire area is mired in enduring conflicts that have been going on for thousands of years. There is no record of American interference resulting in any positive impact regardless of the money spent and lives lost. There is an old joke that "when you find yourself in a deep hole---stop digging."

America must stand by its values, democracy, respect for law, respect for religious freedom, capitalism and fair play. America should not be trying to buy the favor of tin pot dictators, kings,  sheiks, imams or religious, fanatics with foreign aid paid for by working Americans.  America should not be using drones, assassins or special forces to kill "bad guys."

America should only be using our military when America is directly threatened. America should always be on the side of peace.

The idea that coalition of Arab states is going to rise up and defeat Isis is a hopeless fantasy. Our choice is to send hundreds of thousands of Americans to Syria to occupy that country for decades or allow the local powers to settle their differences between themselves. America should only intervene to protect civilians and provide safe passage and sanctuary for refuges.

Second Amendment

The constitution of the United States prohibits the government from infringing on the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. The Supreme Court has affirmed the meaning of the second amendment. Unless the Constitution is amended, Americans have a right to keep and bear personal arms. On a practical basis, the states with the strongest restrictions on gun ownership have higher rates of gun violence than those with a weaker restriction.

Further, none of the restrictions on gun ownerships proposed by the Obama Administration would have had any impact on the mass shootings that occur from time to time or an access to guns by criminals or terrorists. They would impact the rights of regular citizens to keep and bear arms. America does have a problem with the mentally ill. America does have problems with Black on Black gun violence in urban areas ( 90% of deaths in many urban areas  fall into this area).

What America can do is prosecute criminals who use guns in violation of Federal laws. This is not being done. What America can do is carry through with the existing systems of checks to stops the mentally ill and criminals from falling between the cracks. America can apply the resources to provide to provide people in islands of gun violence real security.

Food Stamps

Most people see food stamps as helping poor children. In fact , food stamps are a major factor in poor health of poor children.

Under current rules , food stamps can be used to purchase highly processed foods that contain added sugar, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals. The diet of the poor in America is dominated by food stamps and as a result we have a storm of type 2 diabetes and other diet Related diseases.

To add insult to injury, the high costs of these poisonous foods leaves inadequate resources to put food on the table. The solution is to limit the use of food stamps to fresh and unprocessed foods without added sugar, high fructose corn syrup and chemical additives. Give these children a chance.

Personhood Resolution

Be it resolved that it is the finding of the house of representatives of the United States of America that life begins at the moment of conception. Further it is the determination of this house that word person in the Constitution and the laws of the United States should be interpreted to cover people beginning at themoment of conception. 

Henry is deeply committed to the rights and responsibilities of the individual and at the same time is committed to protecting and caring for the weak and vulnerable. Mr. Hewes is a Pro-Life Democrat who was a senior advisor to the Right to Life party and continues to be a prominent Pro-Life activist.

Mr. Hewes is equally committed to the right to life of all human beings. He opposes the death penalty and is a defender of the Right to Life of unborn children. Read his statement on ABORTION.

Stop Abortion

My name is Henry Hewes and I am a Pro-Life Democrat running against Pro-Abortion radical, Hilary Clinton. I stand with John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton before he turned tail. No Democrat has ever been elected President as a Pro-Abortion radical other than Barak Obama.

I am running because life begins at conception and cries out to us for protection. Our Declaration of Independence and our very humanity compel us to be a part of this fight.

Hilary Clinton is a admitted Pro-Abortion radical. She is not deterred by the deaths of 50,000,000 innocent babies since Roe vs Wade in 1973. That is 3,500 dead babies every day; 25,000 dead babies every week ; 10,000 dead babies each month and over 1,300,000 deaths this year.

She supports partial birth abortion, she supports late term abortion of viable children, she supports abortion for sex selection and supports abortion for birth control. She is utterly untroubled by the fact that over 50% of African American babies in urban areas are being aborted.

I am running to hang the enormity of this terrible crime around Hilary Clinton's neck, and I hope that the burden of advocating for abortion collapses her campaign. I hope no serious candidate for President ever runs again standing on a mountain of dead babies.

Henry Hewes Enters the Presidential Primary

Henry Hewes announced today that he will be a candidate for President of the United States in the Democratic Primaries 2016.

Mr. Hewes made this announcement as he registered for the New Hampshire ballot.  Mr. Hewes stated that he will be making a strong effort to get on State Ballots and to participate in debates and forum despite expected opposition from the Democratic National Committee.

Henry Hewes is a New York resident.  He ran for Mayor of New York City against Rudy Giuliani in 1989 as a Pro-Life Candidate.  He later ran Pat Robertson's and Pat Buchanan's campaigns in New York City.  He was a registered Republican until 2007 and left the GOP as a result of the Iraq War.  He registered as a Democrat in 2007 and ran in the New Hampshire Democrat Primaries against Clinton, Obama and Biden in 2008.  He is currently a member of the New York County Democratic Committee.

Mr. Hewes is a Real Estate Developer in New York City, and has developed affordable housing, charter schools, and commercial projects over the last 30 years.  He was publisher of The Washington Chronicle and is an investor in a variety of technology startups.

Mr. Hewes announced that like Donald Trump, he could initially fund his own campaign and would not accept funds from fat cats and lobbyists.  He also announced that he will be undertaking a broad scale professional fund raising campaign aimed at small donors.

According to Mr. Hewes, "the execution of 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 defenseless babies in America over the last 30 years is a crime of enormous proportions.  It remains the most important issue in American politics.  Hillary Clinton is a pro-abortion radical who supports abortion, late term abortion, abortion for population control, abortion for sex selection and abortion without parental consent.  She is radical.  She is wrong and she does not represent the majority of Democrats.

Mr. Hewes rebutted a claim by Debbi Wasserman Shultz that he was a one issue candidate.  On other issues Hewes would:

  1. Eliminate capital punishment
  2. Abolish the IRS and replace the income and social security taxes with a VAT tax.
  3. Get American military out of the Middle East.
  4. Balance the budget over 4 years with spending cuts.
  5. Save Social Security and Medicare by increase age of eligibility by two months each year.
  6. Refianance student loans with 3% government credit.
  7. Break up big banks and prosecute the financial industry for fraud.
  8. Re-establish the "Fairness doctrine."
  9. Return to zero based budgeting
  10. Reign in power of courts to make law.
  11. Repeal the individual and employer mandates in affordable healthcare and allow Americans to buy any healthcare that meets their needs.
  12. Seal the American border.
  13. Enforce employer sanctions.
  14. Expel illegal immigrant criminals
  15. Give employed illegal aliens 3 years Guest Worker Visa.
  16. Pass definition of personhood through Congress.
  17. Make abortion illegal
  18. Reign in EPA regulation by requiring congressional approval.
  19. Limit "food stamps" purchases to healthy unprocessed foods.

Budget Deficit Proposal

Budget deficits as far as you see are morally and practically unacceptable. America needs to be on track for a budget surplus by 2020.

These policy changes combined with higher growth are facilitated by changes in taxes.  Health care reform and regulatory requirements would result in a projected budget balance in 5 years.

  • Increase minimum age for social security and Medicare by 2 months each year.

  • Return to zero based budgets and the committee appropriation process for each individual budget line.

  • Reform Medicaid and Medical to reduce federal costs by 20%.

  • Cut all discretionary spending by 2% per year until budget is balanced.

  • Cut number of federal employees by 5% per year for three years through attrition.

  • Freeze salaries of federal employees for 5 years.

  • Eliminate Veterans Administration (proposal) and transfer veterans to Medicare Advantage.

Reform Obamacare

  • Eliminate personal mandate.
  • Eliminate employer mandate.
  • Eliminate restriction on plans on federal and state exchanges. Let Americans buy the insurance they want
  • Reform Medicaid to save 20%.
  • Continue to offer income based subsidies to people who buy health care through federal and state exchanges at current levels.
  • Open primary care clinics in all Hospitals.

Current policy compels employers and individuals to purchase policies designed by bureaucrats and limiting their choices.  These changes would preserve the current plans for those who have them and want to keep them.  It would broaden choices for other uninsured individuals and decrease the number of uninsured individuals.

Social Security and Medicare Proposal

Increase the minimum age for social security and Medicare by 2months each year. This change would make social security and Medicare solvent and insure payouts for a new generation.

Rational Average life expectancy is increasing by 3 months each year. An increase of 2 months in the minimum age for social security and Medicare will reflect that reality. The burden of this change will affect everyone, but will have the least affect on those closest to retirement. This change projected out over 40 years and will keep both social security and Medicare solvent without decreasing anyone`s benefits or breaking promises. 

Student Loan Policy Proposal

Create a government owned Student Loan Corporation (SLC).  The SLC would then offer to refinance all student loans at 150% of the 10 year federal funds rate over a 30 year period.

The current policy has resulted in high interest burdens for college graduates, and dramatic rates of default.  This situation has created a lot of anguish for a whole class of people and has retarded economic advancement.  Using federal credit would reduce the interest burden and allow most borrowers to pay their debts without incurring significant costs for the government. Instead of loaning trillions to big banks at .4% interest, lending can be done to  students to actually fund their education.

Eliminate IRS , Income Tax, and Social Security Tax

Eliminate the IRS, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Social Security Tax and Medicare Tax.

Introduce a 20% Value Added Tax.  This tax would apply to original value of imports and natural resources and all additions to value until final sale.

Rent or mortgage interest up to $15, 000 per year, state and local taxes, unprocessed and unprepared food items, health insurance and non-discretionary medical costs would be excluded from taxes.

  • Current tax policy penalizes the use of labor as opposed to the use capital. Labor is taxed. Capital gets tax incentives. This policy would encourage the use of labor as opposed to capital.
  • Current tax policy assesses a tax burden of about 30% on goods produced in America, and a 0% tax burden on imported goods. The proposed change in tax policy would make American made good relatively cheaper than imported goods. This would encourage employment and investment in America.
  • Current tax policy encourages individuals and corporations to change their behavior in less than optimum ways to reduce taxation. The change in tax policy would reduce these changes and make economic behavior more rational. It will reduce government involvement in people's lives.
  • Current tax policy encourages corporations to direct profit abroad and even to relocate abroad. The proposed policy would remove all such incentives and encourage international corporations to relocate in America.
  • Current tax policy is regressive in that it charges the highest percentage of social security taxes to the lowest wage earners. The tax policy changes would remove the most regressive current tax.

Veterans Policy Proposal

Terminate separate medical programs for veterans.  Lease out Veterans Hospitals to NFP hospital organizations.  Create a new health insurance program similar to Medicare Advantage designed to provide the full range of benefits currently promised to veterans and access to all hospitals and doctors that accept Medicare patients.  This coverage would include drug coverage and would be available without change to all veterans.

Existing policy just does not work.  The Veterans Administration has proved over many years and through six (6) United States Presidents that it cannot provide effective health care to veterans.  The change in policy will free veterans to choose their own care and unleash the forces of the health care marketplace.