Henry Hewes Enters the Presidential Primary

Henry Hewes announced today that he will be a candidate for President of the United States in the Democratic Primaries 2016.

Mr. Hewes made this announcement as he registered for the New Hampshire ballot.  Mr. Hewes stated that he will be making a strong effort to get on State Ballots and to participate in debates and forum despite expected opposition from the Democratic National Committee.

Henry Hewes is a New York resident.  He ran for Mayor of New York City against Rudy Giuliani in 1989 as a Pro-Life Candidate.  He later ran Pat Robertson's and Pat Buchanan's campaigns in New York City.  He was a registered Republican until 2007 and left the GOP as a result of the Iraq War.  He registered as a Democrat in 2007 and ran in the New Hampshire Democrat Primaries against Clinton, Obama and Biden in 2008.  He is currently a member of the New York County Democratic Committee.

Mr. Hewes is a Real Estate Developer in New York City, and has developed affordable housing, charter schools, and commercial projects over the last 30 years.  He was publisher of The Washington Chronicle and is an investor in a variety of technology startups.

Mr. Hewes announced that like Donald Trump, he could initially fund his own campaign and would not accept funds from fat cats and lobbyists.  He also announced that he will be undertaking a broad scale professional fund raising campaign aimed at small donors.

According to Mr. Hewes, "the execution of 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 defenseless babies in America over the last 30 years is a crime of enormous proportions.  It remains the most important issue in American politics.  Hillary Clinton is a pro-abortion radical who supports abortion, late term abortion, abortion for population control, abortion for sex selection and abortion without parental consent.  She is radical.  She is wrong and she does not represent the majority of Democrats.

Mr. Hewes rebutted a claim by Debbi Wasserman Shultz that he was a one issue candidate.  On other issues Hewes would:

  1. Eliminate capital punishment
  2. Abolish the IRS and replace the income and social security taxes with a VAT tax.
  3. Get American military out of the Middle East.
  4. Balance the budget over 4 years with spending cuts.
  5. Save Social Security and Medicare by increase age of eligibility by two months each year.
  6. Refianance student loans with 3% government credit.
  7. Break up big banks and prosecute the financial industry for fraud.
  8. Re-establish the "Fairness doctrine."
  9. Return to zero based budgeting
  10. Reign in power of courts to make law.
  11. Repeal the individual and employer mandates in affordable healthcare and allow Americans to buy any healthcare that meets their needs.
  12. Seal the American border.
  13. Enforce employer sanctions.
  14. Expel illegal immigrant criminals
  15. Give employed illegal aliens 3 years Guest Worker Visa.
  16. Pass definition of personhood through Congress.
  17. Make abortion illegal
  18. Reign in EPA regulation by requiring congressional approval.
  19. Limit "food stamps" purchases to healthy unprocessed foods.