Middle East

Much of the Middle East is a jigsaw puzzle of conflicting religious states without a democratic, middle class or capitalist culture. The entire area is mired in enduring conflicts that have been going on for thousands of years. There is no record of American interference resulting in any positive impact regardless of the money spent and lives lost. There is an old joke that "when you find yourself in a deep hole---stop digging."

America must stand by its values, democracy, respect for law, respect for religious freedom, capitalism and fair play. America should not be trying to buy the favor of tin pot dictators, kings,  sheiks, imams or religious, fanatics with foreign aid paid for by working Americans.  America should not be using drones, assassins or special forces to kill "bad guys."

America should only be using our military when America is directly threatened. America should always be on the side of peace.

The idea that coalition of Arab states is going to rise up and defeat Isis is a hopeless fantasy. Our choice is to send hundreds of thousands of Americans to Syria to occupy that country for decades or allow the local powers to settle their differences between themselves. America should only intervene to protect civilians and provide safe passage and sanctuary for refuges.